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School Profile

Expedition Academy High School is a public high school of choice that serves grades 9 through 12 in Sweetwater County School District #2. Enrollment is voluntary. Students are selected after completing an application process and a student interview. 
All students who attend Expedition Academy accept and support our standards. The State of Wyoming and Sweetwater School District #2 recognize this school as a diploma-granting institution eligible for all the status, privileges and public support available to all high schools in the state.
Our Purpose
Expedition Academy exists primarily to promote and provide a challenging education for Green River students who perform best in an alternative setting. The school’s ultimate purpose is to provide attending students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. In addition to meeting the credit and standards requirements as set forth by the state and district, Expedition Academy also integrates citizenship, character education, career education and social responsibility into the curriculum.
*     Expedition Academy will utilize collaborative learning communities that involve all stakeholders in pursuit        of student achievement.
*     The professional learning community (PLC) will implement educational best practices and instructional             strategies that involve each curricular area, administration and parents.
*     Teaching methods will focus on providing instruction that is meaningful and relevant to students’ lives.              Students will then have the opportunity to demonstrate authentic learning. 
Please read our handbook to learn more about the application process, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions (307)872-4800.
Thank you,
                    Ralph Obray